maryland style crab cakes

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the truth about processed food

“stop eating processed food!” - a sentiment we’ve constantly been hearing from everyone everywhere but has anyone ever really explained why we should stop? today, we explore one other reason...
Our favorite sustainable cutlery sets!


Our favorite sustainable cutlery sets!

For adults and kids (+ prices)

Can't decide on which sustainable cutlery set to get? Let us help!
Sustainable Halloween Tricks

Sustainable Halloween Tricks

Halloween coincides with a lot of waste from the individual candy wrappers to the outfits to the decor. Here are some tricks to make the day a bit more sustainable.
A stack of green vegetables and fruits including apples, cucumbers and broccoli


The Phytochemical Spectrum

The Importance of a Colorful Diet

The diversity of colors in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains corresponds to the variety of beneficial phytochemicals they contain. The importance


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Meal Delivery For Your Routine


Meal Delivery For Your Routine

Because Your Needs Should Be Met

Picture this: you’re caught up in the mid-week rush of your daily life, juggling a million things at once, and the mere thought of spending hours in the
Vegetable and Butcher Meal Delivery Service DC


What to Expect From Your First V+B Delivery

Food for Better

V+B exists to make our customers' lives healthier and easier. You'll get time back in your day to have fun with your family, go for a run, tend to your...
Supporting Our Local Community + Planet


Supporting Our Local Community + Planet

An Update To Our Pricing

Since starting V+B in 2016, we have been on a mission to make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle while being kind to the planet and supporting our local community—all...

pie day: jim's apple pie

jim’s apple pie   my mom’s husband jim used to make this pie every year for thanksgiving. it was the bomb.                    ...