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our compost program allows customers to return our compostable meal containers to us, which we then compost with our local partner, Veteran’s Compost. To date, we have composted:


lbs of meal containers

* That’s about 13 elephants


lbs of meal containers

kg CO2e offset

pachama partnership

100% of our deliveries are, and will always be, carbon neutral. Through our partner OnFleet we work with Pachama to offset our deliveries. Pachama uses satellite data, artificial intelligence and automation to sequester carbon, protect ecosystems, and improve carbon markets.
That’s like a trip to the moon.

the climate pledge

In 2022, we decided to take the next step on our sustainability journey by signing The Climate Pledge— a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

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In 2024, we plan to partner with HowGood to quantify the total emissions and add a carbon label for each our meals.
  • 2016

    Ensured all our animal proteins were grass-fed or pasture-raised

  • 2020

    Introduced our compost program

  • 2022

    Signed the Climate Pledge to become net-zero by 2040

  • 2015

    We’ve been using reusable bags from the very beginning

  • 2019

    Started using 100% compostable meal containers

  • 2021

    Began offsetting our drivers’ miles with Onfleet Offset

  • Excited to see what the future holds.