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who we are

in a nutshell

We started Vegetable + Butcher in 2016, driven by the deep emotional connection we all have to our food. Now, we’re a healthy meal delivery service spreading plant-forward meals across the DC region—and beyond.

our philosophy

better all around

We believe in making the world a better place—and we're starting with food


We’ve always preferred to create based on quality, not rules. So we let ingredients be themselves. We champion authentic, globally inspired recipes that taste like our childhoods, our families' tables, and kitchens across the world. We commit to the craft that goes into truly memorable meals. And we focus on nourishing, seasonal, scratch-made eats that are as good for the soul as for the body.


We’re committed to taking waste out of the equation altogether. From composting our food scraps and packaging, to offsetting our carbon emissions, to getting our ingredients from the same nearby farms where our compost goes to use, we’re on a journey to close the loop. This is the journey that will enrich our appetites, our communities, and our earth for the long haul.


There are countless meal moments in our everyday—which nutrients to consume, which triggers to avoid, how much prep time is available. We’re here to make it all easier. When we save time, we empower peace of mind. And when we skip uncertainty, we empower routines built not around choosing the right food, but around creating a better life.

we’re vegetable + butcher, and we’re reimagining what’s possible when it comes to healthful prepared meals. because we all deserve plant-forward, nourishing meals that taste good and leave no trace.

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 Competitive salary
 Flexible vacation policy
 Healthy meals, snacks, and beverages
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