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Getting Started

How V+B Works

Step 1: Choose which meals you need and how often you need them. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with function-focused tonics, snacks, and sides to meet your nutritional needs. We're gluten-, dairy- and egg-free, so you can rest assured that you’re getting clean and wholesome ingredients. 

Step 2: Receive fresh, fully prepared, and ready-to-eat meals directly to your doorstep up to three per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The utmost speed and convenience, without sacrificing quality or freshness. Oh, and delivery is always free! 

Step 3: Enjoy! Take the worry and planning out of getting and staying healthy. You'll get to spend less time cooking and cleaning, and more time doing the things you love with the people you love. Fill your fridge with nourishing, flavorful, fully prepared meals, tonics, wellness shots, snacks, and more.

Step 4: Return your insulated cooler bags, reusable ice packs, and empty meal containers to us. We compost the containers and return them back to the land that provides us with so much. We've composted 85,00 pounds of meal containers and counting! 

What Are My Options

We’ve built in plenty of flexibility so that you can find a program that best fits your schedule, lifestyle, and nutritional needs. 

Weekly Subscription

This program is by far our most popular option. You'll be able to choose from the Vegetable's Basket (vegan) or Butcher's Box (non-vegan). The base of the meals will the same for both subscriptions, but the Butcher's Box will contain animal protein, while the Vegetable's Basket contains a little extra plant-based protein. Once you decide which is for you, you'll choose which meal courses you want to receive: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Any combination of these courses can be made. From breakfast only, to lunch and dinner, you'll be able to match your meals with your needs.

Next, you decide the frequency of delivery. You can choose to receive 2, 4 or 6 days' worth of meals and choose which days you'd like to have them sent to you. We deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

You can also customize your meals each week with our subscription option. 

Quick-Start Plan

The vegan and non-vegan quick-start plan is a one-time purchase. With this plan, you will receive 4 days of lunch and dinner (8 meals), 4 packs of a variety of energy bites, 4 alkaline water-based tonics, 2 wellness shots, and 1 dark chocolate bar. This is great option if you're new to plant-based eating and looking for a quick + easy start. 

** Only 2 days of meals are sent each delivery day to ensure that they are delicious and fresh when you open your front door. You will have multiple delivery days if you have a plan that is 4 or 6 days. 

What Do You Recommend

For first time users, we recommend a weekly subscription to 4 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s why: 4 days of meals will give you an opportunity to taste a variety of dishes to make sure that you enjoy our food. 

By electing to receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will gain insight into the meticulous nature with which we structure our daily menus. We give careful consideration to the flavor profile and nutrient composition of the various dishes to ensure that we create cohesive and balanced daily menus. Our goal is to have you looking, feeling and performing your best, which is why we structure such thoughtful recipes and menus. 

My account

How To Select My Meals

One of the convenient features of having a weekly subscription with us is the ability to pick and choose your meals each week! In order to do this, make sure you're logged into your V+B account and make your selections prior to our 9pm EST Friday deadline.

How it works

1. On your account homepage, hover your mouse over the tan tile labelled your meal subscriptions until it toggles over to the 3 option drop down. Click the select meals button.

2. Our menu correlates with our 3 delivery days for the week.

Monday + Tuesday menu -- Monday delivery

Wednesday + Thursday menu -- Wednesday delivery

Friday + Saturday menu -- Friday delivery

Confirm the days that you want to receive your delivery and choose away. The days that you do not receive deliveries will be grayed out and not available for selection. Our lunch and dinner options are interchangeable, but you can only add breakfast if you have a subscription that includes breakfast.

3. Use the + and - signs to designate a quantity for each meal. You must select at least one meal per delivery day.

4. Once you’ve chosen your delicious meals, hit the brown Submit Request button on the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to review and confirm your selections, then you’re all set! An email will be sent to you confirming your meals and their delivery days.

Edit Subscription + Allergens

If you're looking to change the name of your subscription, modify your meal plan, adjust your delivery days, or update your allergens, you need to log into your V+B account.

On the account homepage, hover your mouse over the tan tile labelled your meal subscription until it toggles over to the 3 options drop down. Click the edit button.

Any updates you make to you your subscription will take effect the following week's delivery onwards.

Pause My Subscription

If you will be travelling or unable to receive your deliveries for the upcoming week, you can skip them! Log into your V+B account and select the green tile labelled manage your delivery schedule.

Here, you’ll be able to view your next 4 weeks of deliveries. Use the skip all option under the subscription and date if you wish to skip your whole subscription. If you only need to skip a couple of boosters, use the skip this option instead. You can also unskip if you need V+B back in your life sooner than originally planned.

You can also here easily pause your subscription by filling out our typeform and letting us know when you'd like to resume. Click HERE to access the form!

**If you need you need to cancel your order for your next delivery for an order that has already been processed , please reach out to our customer support team either by using our chat service on the website, emailing us at hello@vegetableandbutcher.com, or text us at (202) 952-8322.

Update Delivery Address + Billing Info

On your account homepage, click the gray account tile. Here, you will be able to edit your email address, delivery address, and billing information. You can also view and add any discount + promo codes.

If you are changing your delivery address, reach out to out our support team via chat or email to let us know so we can confirm that change on our end!

Orders are processed each Friday 9pm EST so make sure your card information, delivery address, and discount codes are updated by then to make sure you get your correct order for the following week.

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any point without penalty (don't leave us but we understand if you must)!

On the account homepage, hover your mouse over the tan tile labelled your meal subscription until it toggles over to the 3 options drop down. Click the edit button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the brown save changes button, you will see the option to cancel the subscription. Click cancel this subscription.

Here, you will be able to skip weeks of your subscription as opposed the cancelling. If you do wish to proceed with the cancellation, you will then be prompted to provide a reason for the and an opportunity to share any feedback (we love feedback)!

We ask you to do so before Friday 9pm EST in order to avoid food waste. Orders are processed on Friday, so please cancel your subscription before then if possible.

Account and Subscription FAQs

I just placed an order but when I try to login, it says no account under my email address.

You don't need to have an account to place an order but it's easy to create one! Click HERE to make an account with us. Make sure you use the same email address that the order was placed under. Once you create your account, you'll be able to select your meals, pause your subscription, and view past orders.

I want both vegan and non-vegan meals.

You can combine our vegan and non-vegan meals by creating two different subscriptions to fit your needs. For example, if you'd like 4 days of vegan lunches and 4 days of non-vegan dinners, you can create one subscription under our Vegetable's Basket/4 Days Week/Lunch Only and the other under our Butcher's Box / 4 Days/Week / Dinner Only. You can make any combination you'd like!

HELP! I missed the 9PM Friday deadline to order meals.

No worries! Reach out to our support team via email before Saturday, 10am and we can process an order for to get meals for the following week.

Can I customize my meals on the weekend?

Unfortunately, not. We don't allow weekend meal selections because our culinary team is sourcing ingredients for the upcoming week. Customization is available Monday, 8am-Friday, 9pm, so be sure to make those selections during this window.

Do you have discounts for students, military, or families with multiple subscriptions?

Yes! We offer all of the above. Military and family subscriptions will receive 5% off each week and students will receive 10% off each week. Reach out to our support team via chat or email us at hello@vegetableandbutcher.com and we can provide you with a unique code.

Can I apply gift card and a discount code at the same time?

If you have a V+B gift card and a promotional code or credit, we can combine them for you. Reach out to our support team and we can do this for you.

Can I use two discount or promotional codes at a time?

No. Only one of these codes can be used at a time.

Rewards + Referral Program

How to I earn rewards and V+B Bites?

Great question! Check out the below to see how you can earn rewards!

Once you've earned your bites, redeem them!

How do V+B Bites work?

Each bite you earn goes to your overall bite total and places you in a tier so that you can earn a coupon. Coupons can come in the form of a $ amount off your subscription or some free yummy treats + products. Once you enter a new tier, you can earn additional special coupons! Below are some examples of what you might earn with your V+B Bites!

200 V+B Bites = $20 off subscription

1,000 V+B Bites = 6 days of free breakfast

10,000 V+B Bites = $500 gift card!

How can I redeem the rewards?

Scroll to the bottom part of your account page and click on Referrals. On your Referrals page, look to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on Rewards. Once there, click the first option to view your available rewards. If the reward is for a free meal or cleanse, you can check out and the code will be applied to the new order for you. If the reward is a gift card, you can copy + paste the code into your account where you would typically add promo or other discount codes.

How do I refer my friends + family?

Easy! Your referral link can be found on your account. Go to Referrals Page and look to the bottom left corner of the screen and click Rewards. There, you'll be able to find your referral link! Share your unique referral link with your friends + family on social media or send them your link via email or SMS. Once the person you refer places an order, they'll get $50 off their subscription order, and you'll get $50 off too!


Delivery Days + Delivery Windows

Our delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Only 2 days' worth of meals are sent each delivery day to ensure that they are as fresh as possible when you open your front door. You will have multiple delivery days if you have a meal plan that is 4 or 6 days. 

 If you have a subscription that is for 2 days per week, you will choose 1 default delivery day: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. 

If you have a subscription of 4 days per week, you will choose 2 delivery default delivery days: Monday + Wednesday, Monday + Friday, or Wednesday + Friday.

If you have a subscription of 6 days per week, you will have 3 delivery days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Overnight deliveries will be made between 3am-7am each delivery day.  If you'd prefer a later delivery time, we offer a second delivery window of 8am-1pm. We also have Sunday delivery 4pm-9pm that can take the place of a Monday delivery. 

If you would like to adjust your delivery window or day, feel free to reach out and we can make that change for you!

If you would like to edit your default delivery day, check out our edit subscription article HERE

Delivery Locations

We deliver throughout DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland.  To see if we deliver to your area, click here to input your email address and zip code. If we do not yet deliver to your area, please contact us with a request to expand!

If we don’t currently deliver to your area, you have the option to pick up your meals at 2 different locations: Physicality DC and OAK Health Club. 

Physicality DC is located at 1371 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002 with pick up hours Mon-Fri being 6:40am-8:30am, 11am-1pm, and 4:430pm-6:30pm. Saturday pick up hours are 10am-1pm. This location is closed on Sundays. 

OAK Health Club is located at 19945 Riverside Commons Plaza, Ashburn, VA 20147 with pick up hours Mon-Fri being 6am-7pm, 7am-7pm on Saturdays, and 5pm-7pm on Sundays.  

Deliveries are made to both locations in between 3am-7am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the meals are stored in a branded fridge until it's convenient for you to pick up!

Bag Pick Up FAQ

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our cooler bags and ice packs are reusable (after we thoroughly sanitize them, of course). 

How do I get my bags picked up?

The night before delivery day, leave your used bags and ice packs outside (or with a concierge) where your food is dropped off. Make sure to remove the white pack slip paper! Our drivers will take the old ones to our facility for cleaning and re-use. 

I have multiple bags and/or ice packs. What's the best way to organize them?

We'd love if you could stack your ice packs in one bag, and fold bags as flat as possible, and stuff them inside one central bag.

I left my bags out, but the driver didn't take them.

Whoops! Sometimes that happens, and we apologize in advance for it. You can leave them out and we'll try our best to make sure they get picked up on your next delivery. If you would like them to be picked up sooner, you can schedule a bag pick up HERE

Delivery FAQ

What should I expect from my first delivery? 

So exciting! For your first delivery, be on the lookout for our cooler bag embroidered with our V+B logo. The bag will also have a white pack slip on the front pocket that will display your name as well as your address. On the back of the pack slip, you'll be able to view what contents should be in your bag. If anything does not match up, contact our support team! 

I have a key fob or ButterflyMX from my building for delivery. How do I get it to you all?

If you have a physical key fob that you'd like us to use for your deliveries, we can pick it up from you anytime from 8am-4pm on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. We can also cover the cost up to $75 if you need to obtain a copy of yours from your building. The $75 will come in the form a credit to your V+B account and would be applied for future orders. 

If you have a ButterflyMX or another QR code, shoot us an email (hello@vegetableandbutcher.com) with the code and we'll add it to your delivery instructions on our end. 

I ordered multiple add ons/boosters, when will I receive them? 

Great question! If you have a subscription that is for 2 days, you'll receive all of your add ons in your delivery, regardless of the quantity. If you have a 4- or 6-day subscription and order 1 or 2 of a particular add on, you will receive all of them in your first delivery of the week. But if you have a 4 or 6-day subscription, and order 3 or more add ons, the delivery will be split between those delivery days. 

Here are some examples:

4 Day Subscription + 5 Cold Brew Coffee: 3 will be delivered on Monday, 2 will be delivered on Wednesday. 

4 Day Subscription + 3 Vanilla Cashew Apricot Energy Bites: 2 will be delivered on Monday, 1 on Wednesday.

6 Day Subscription + 6 Daily Dose Tonics: 2 will be delivered on Monday, 2 on Wednesday, and 2 on Friday.

Food + Cleanses

How Should I Do My Cleanse?

Cleansing 101: Making the most of your experience

Detoxing your body has lots of benefits from reducing bloat to boosting energy levels. There are some best practices to make sure you get the most out of your cleanse, regardless of which one you’ve chosen.

Before and after: Ease in and out

You’ll see the most benefits by eating a pure, clean diet for 2 to 3 days before and after the cleanse. Here are some guidelines for what to eat and what to avoid. (V+B offers a pre-cleanse and post-cleanse kit to take the guesswork out.)

Do Eat

  • Raw fruits and vegetables (organic if possible)
  • Whole, unprocessed grains (think brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat)
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Broth-based soups
  • Fresh juices
  • Lots of purified water

Do Not Eat

  • Animal-based foods
  • Iodized salt
  • Refined sugar and flour
  • Fried foods
  • Coffee, cigarettes, soda, alcohol

During the cleanse

Because you’re likely consuming fewer calories than you usually do, it’s normal to feel tired, hungry and a little grumpy at first. But your body will adjust quickly, so stick with it—the feeling at the end is worth it! Here are some FAQs about the cleanse process:

What time should I start? We recommend starting an hour or so after you wake up. See below for sample schedules for each cleanse.

When do I consume each bottle? Drink a tonic or melk every 2-3 hours. Drink the tonics slowly, which will make you feel more satisfied and allow your body to fully absorb nutrients.

What order do I consume them in? Look for the numbers on the bottle caps: That’s your guide. However, if you’d like to mix up the order, that’s ok! We do recommend consuming the Awake tonic or Matcha melk earlier in the day because they contain a small amount of caffeine.

What else should I do while cleansing? Drink lots of purified water throughout the day. Our cleanses include 1 or 2 bottles of 9.5pH alkaline water, depending on the number of days. Relax with meditation, yoga or light stretching. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to rest.

What shouldn’t I do while cleansing? Avoid any strenuous activity, coffee or tea (if you must have some, limit it to ½ cup and have organic if possible) and alcohol. 

I’m really, really, really hungry. Help! Listen to your body. If you need some food to carry you through, grab some raw vegetables or raw nuts. 

Allergy Accomodation

We can accommodate many food allergens! 

To start, our menu is entirely free of gluten, dairy, and egg. 

When you make your subscription, you’ll be able to add your allergens and dietary preferences to your account to ensure that menu items with your allergens are not included in your meals. 

If the allergen is a topping or garnish it will simply be left off, and you will receive the standard meal minus this component. When the component is a major component of the meal (e.g. for soy or quinoa allergies), you will receive an additional serving of vegetables (for vegan meals) or a substitute protein portion of our sous vide chicken (for non-vegan meals). If the component is in a dressing or sauce, you will receive an alternate dressing / sauce that does not contain the allergen.

Below is a list of the allergies we currently accommodate. 

Egg, Soy, Tofu, All Seafood, Shellfish, Fish, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Grains, Legume, Quinoa, Tree nuts, Peanut, Cashew, Almond, Brazil Nut, Chestnut, Filbert, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Nut, Pecan, Pine Nut, Pistachio, Walnut

Gut Reset

Sample Schedule for Gut Reset

These times can be adjusted depending on your schedule, but we recommend finishing each day no later than 8pm to allow your body to digest before going to bed. 

Gut Reset- Designed to balance your body's healthy bacteria by introducing 7 types of healthy fibers that eliminate bloat, reduce inflammation, and build your immune system. 

  • 7am: Revive^2 shot
  • 9am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 11am: Strech tonic
  • 1pm: Kitchari (you can also save this for later in the day-around 5pm or 6pm- if you prefer)
  • 3pm: Kombucha 
  • 5pm: Kraut juice (some people find it easier to take this down mixed with water)
  • 7pm: Digest tonic
  • Throughout the day: sip on alkaline or purified water
Tonic + Melk Cleanses

Sample Schedule for our All Tonic and Tonic + Melk Cleanse 

These times can be adjusted depending on your schedule, but we recommend finishing each day no later than 8pm to allow your body to digest before going to bed.

All Tonic- Our most hardcore cleanse with the least number of calories. Maximum detoxification; reduce inflammation and bloat.

  • 8am: Awake tonic
  • 10am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 12pm: Strech tonic
  • 3pm: Refuel tonic
  • 5pm: Balance tonic
  • 7pm: Digest tonic
  • Throughout the day: sip alkaline and purified water 

Tonic and Melk: Our most popular cleanse with protein on top of protein with 2 cashew-based melks per day. Increase energy, improve metabolism, antioxidant powerhouse, protein boost. 

  • 7am: Awake tonic
  • 9am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 11am: Matcha melk
  • 1pm: Strech tonic
  • 3pm: Boost tonic
  • 5pm: Digest tonic
  • 7pm: Mexican chocolate melk
  • Throughout the day: sip on alkaline or purified water
Menu FAQ

How often does the menu change? 

Our menu changes weekly and features seasonal, fresh ingredients sourced from farmers we know and trust. View the menu for this week and next HERE

How can I rate meals? 

We love every version of feedback, especially about our meals! You must be logged into your V+B account. Once logged in, click the menu and select the meal you'd like to review. Look to the top right corner and click the link labeled Rate This Meal.

Where is the nutritional information for meals with sauces or dressings? 

The ingredients for our dressings and sauces are available on the meal label. However, the calories and macros will only be available on the website. Head to the website and select the meal you'd like to view. Scroll down a bit and look to the right corner; the information will be there!

Sustainability Practices

How to Compost Your V+B Packaging

We're committed to doing our part to take care of the planet, which is why so much of our packaging is compostable—we want to keep nasty stuff out of landfills. 

We know it's not always easy to find a place to compost, so we can take care of it for you! 

Here's how it works: We'll send you one compostable bag on your first delivery of the week. The bag should be kept throughout the week! You just need to rinse your containers, place them in the bag, tie it up, and leave it in your used cooler bag that our driver will pick up at the following week's delivery. (The service is $3.50 per week.)

The following items CAN be composted: V+B meal containers and lids, V+B dressing cups and lids, V+B energy bite containers and lids, and the sleeves around V+B meal containers. (We kindly ask that you do not put personal kitchen scraps or other containers in the bag.)

Our labels are compostable as well! Run a bit of warm water over your meal label and peel off the sticker on the label. Put this in the compostable bag too.

If you want to add this to your subscription, log into your account, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Compost Program and click "Add Subscription", that easy! 

V+B Announcements

Meal price update

Starting October 24, 2022, our prices for certain products will increase.

On average, our vegetable’s basket subscription will increase by $0.75 per meal, while our butcher’s box subscription will increase by $1.50 per meal.

The pricing on our breakfast only options will remain unchanged.

Why we’re making this change?

It has not been an easy decision, and definitely not the kind of news we want to share. We’ve tried our best to maintain current pricing, but the rising cost in product, packaging and labor has made this approach unsustainable. But we refuse to compromise quality of ingredients, integrity of our product and our commitment to bettering the planet – so we’ve made the decision so we can uphold our promise to you. *you make us better*

What’s changed for us:

What does this mean for subscriptions?

All subscriptions will be billed at the new rate after effective date. *This change will take effect October 24, 2022.*

Have questions or just want to chat?

We love chatting (about anything)! Shoot us a text, give us a call, send as an email or chat with us using the chat widget. We're always happy to help.

Contact Info

Phone/Text: 202 952 8322



*Our goal is to help everyone who wants to eat more healthfully however we can. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help*