carefully curated.
thoughtfully prepared.

our food philosophy

We believe in a well-rounded, intuitive approach to food and nutrition. We understand that not everyone is a vegan, vegetarian, paleo-dieter or raw foodist, and we don't believe in extremes. We do, however, believe in the common ground that the extremes share – a focus on clean and wholesome ingredients; real food for real people.

Guided by the wisdom of generations prior, "eat your greens!," our meals are primarily plant-based and loaded with vitamins, minerals and other important micronutrients. All of our meals are gluten- and dairy-free and our menu changes with the seasons to ensure that only the freshest, most nutrient-dense ingredients make it to your plate.

Carefully Curated

We source ingredients from farmers we know and trust, letting the seasons dictate our menu. At V+B, we embrace the distinctiveness of local food cultures, climates and economies. We strive to remind people of their connection to farmers and farms and the plants and animals on which we all depend.

Thoughtfully Prepared

The journey starts with ingredients and ends with you, but somewhere in between, there’s a team of dedicated individuals (hey, that’s us!) carefully curating and thoughtfully preparing each dish. We don’t just say we’re healthy. We actually mean it. Our daily and weekly menus are meticulously structured so that each meal offers new flavors and a variety of nutrients to help you look, feel and perform your best.

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