maryland style crab cakes

MD crab cake recipe 

my first exposure to a MD style crab cake was at G and M restaurant just outside of baltimore and i’ve been hooked since. they’re super simple, unfussy things that are somehow extraordinarily easy to mess up.


104g mayonnaise (i prefer duke’s here but any will do)

60g eggs beaten (~1 large)

16g dijon mustard

16g worcestershire sauce

8g vinegar based hot sauce (i use frank’s)

453g (1lb) jumbo lump crab meat

60g saltine crackers, crushed fine (this is somewhere between 18-22 crackers)


  1. mix together the crab meat and ground crackers in a large bowl very gently, don’t shred the crab.
  2. mix together the remaining ingredients in a bowl and then fold very gently into the crab mixture, again being careful to not shred the crab, then refrigerate for 30-90 minutes for the crackers to absorb the binder.
  3. divide into 8 equal portions and lightly pack together so they’re now patties. at this point, you can pan fry them over medium-high heat 3-4 minutes a side until cooked through or broil them on a greased cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes. if broiling i would leave them rounded on top.
  • lump crab can work if you can’t find jumbo lump, but any lower than lump and you’ll end up with dense crab cakes.
  • i’ve made these with gluten free crackers and found that it comes out great, but you may need to use less cracker



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