the truth about processed food

“stop eating processed food!”

- a sentiment we’ve constantly been hearing from everyone everywhere but has anyone ever really explained why we should stop? today, we explore one other reason why.


when it comes to the effects of what processed food does to our body, other than the fact that they’re unhealthy and can be detrimental to our physical health, did you also know it can greatly affect your brain power too?

according to scientists, a diet that highly consists of ultra-processed food has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease but interestingly, new research has also suggested that it may affect your performance when it comes to learning, memory retention and even the way we feel.

in one study, they tested the effects of a breakfast with high saturated fats and added sugars vs a healthier one – this was done over four days, results showed a reduction in performance on some learning and memory tests from people who had the less healthier breakfast, showing possibilities that what type of food we consume everyday may change how we learn as a result.

but cutting these types of food out of our diets can be hard specially when it’s always been a constant presence in our daily lives. one of the reasons for this can be attributed to the cravings we get, but why do we get cravings? well, it’s because processed food can have the same strong and rapid “reward-system effect” when it hits the brain, similar to what nicotine, alcohol and other addictive substances do.

this can prove to be a difficult hurdle to overcome when trying to trying to prioritize your health by reducing consumption - but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, we all need to start somewhere!

the science is still early and there’s still a lot they don’t know - not all processed food are equal in its effects in regards to the presence or lack of nutrients you get through consumption and ultimately, what it might bring afterwards in both the short and long term effects. though the research is still young, it’s always better to choose fresh and healthy, and preventing anything early is always king. not everything has to be cut completely all at once, incorporating healthy greens, fresh produce, natural and organic herbs and spices little by little is one step towards getting healthy!


choosing to eat better doesn't mean choosing to eat less. we don't need to sacrifice taste and enjoyment when it comes to eating just to be healthy.


also who said freshly prepared and nutritious food can’t be delicious too?! 

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