Sustainable Halloween Tricks

Halloween coincides with a lot of waste from the individual candy wrappers to the outfits to the decor. Here are some tricks to make the day a bit more sustainable.


1. Costumes

Discarded Halloween costumes generate about 4 millions pounds of plastic waste! Instead, get creative and make your own or trade with a friend! If you do have to buy new, buy items that you will wear all year.


2. Treats

Opt for local products with minimal compostable or recycleable packaging. A study from Duke University found that Hershey Kisses produce the least amount of waste. See our blog article on Trick or Treating for more tips!


3. Trick-or-Treat Bags

Use a reusable grocery bag, a pillowcase, even a backpack instead of a plastic bucket that will end up in a landfill after only a few hours of use.


4. Pumpkins

Source from local farms to support local business and to minimize the carbon emissions from their transportation (pumpkins are heavy). If you carve your pumpkins, toast the seeds or make pumpkin bread!


5. Compost

Pumpkins were found to generate a billion pounds of food waste each year so don’t forget to compost!


6. Walk

Avoid driving if possible.  Walk around your area to get some exercise and meet your neighbors!

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