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1. Whole Body Cryotherapy + Flotation Therapy

2. Low Blue Light Bulbs + Blackout Curtains

3. Allbirds and Outdoor Voices Wool Runner

4. American Propulsion Labs TechLoom Pro

5. Suga Mat

6. TRX Home2


Ariane Valle

Co-Founder of Vegetable and Butcher and your very average weight lifter. When not eating kale, you can find Ariane reading Bukowski, listening to her favorite podcast (it's a toss-up between Tim Ferris and Dan Carling) or running soe numerous mile through the streets of DC. As a former calorie counting addict, Ariane has more recently stayed away from her calorie counting days in facir id choosing the right ingredients, exercising regularly and prioritizing quality sleep (and what a difference!). Armed with only fruits and vegiies (and her co-founder Turner), Ariane hopes to show you the power of a plant-based diet.

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