Why You Should Try a Meal Delivery Service

Live More. Worry Less.

Everyone has probably once said, “I wish someone could just cook for me!” And then probably quickly dismissed it as a luxury. But with all of the meal delivery services on the market, this is becoming more of a regular service than a luxury service. And for some, it’s even an investment. Here are some reasons you should try a meal delivery service: 


Want to spend less time shopping, meal prepping, and cleaning?

You’re busy already! Add in 1-2 hours for grocery shopping and another 4-5 for meal prepping and there goes an entire day. If you have less time in your schedule than you’d prefer already, this is valuable time that could be spent with family and friends, going to that gym class you keep missing, or catching up on some much-needed self-care time. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to cook if you enjoy it, either. You just won’t have to cook when you’re most busy. 


Want to be more environmentally friendly? 

If you often find yourself cleaning out the refrigerator only to toss a bunch of food that went bad before you got around to making it, then this one’s for you. According to, a two person family may lose $750 in food waste per year, and a four person family may lose $1,500. Of course, food waste is an issue for companies, too, so if you’re concerned about this, make sure you speak with the company about their food waste first. At Vegetable + Butcher (V+B), only the meals ordered are actually made in an effort to reduce food waste. Concerned about packaging waste? Everything is compostable at V+B, and your delivery bag is reusable. 


Want to have a healthier diet? 

While grabbing a burger and fries for lunch might taste great and be convenient, your health might argue otherwise. On the other hand, healthy takeout options usually come with a higher price tag, so if you can find a meal delivery service that emphasizes nutrition and fits your budget, then that’s a win-win. Remember that investing in your health now has an impact later. Many of the most common chronic diseases affecting Americans - such as heart disease and stroke - are actually related to diet and lifestyle, so you certainly do have a say in your risk of developing one (or more). 

Interested in trying new food but don’t know where to start? 

Whether you have never heard of it or you just don’t know how to cook it, you’re sure to try new foods with a meal subscription service. And variety really is a key component of nutrition! Eating a variety of foods not only makes it easier to get in all your nutrients, but your gut bugs love it, too. When you eat a variety of foods, you support a diverse microbiome that is more resilient and protective against disease. 


Need to optimize your athletic performance? 

Maybe you’re an athlete preparing for a competition, or an active gym goer looking to maximize your gains. Whatever the case, don’t let your nutrition hold you back. You deserve to focus on your performance and prioritize your recovery. It’s not just about getting your calories, protein, fat, and carbs; and remember, drinking your daily greens won’t cover everything. A meal subscription service can fill the gaps in your diet that you may be missing. Reaching your daily nutrient goal can be a game changer for your performance. 

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