Sober Curious: The Why, How and Where

We're All A Little Curious

Sober curious? How and why to keep a low to no-alcohol lifestyle going beyond Dry January. 


  • Increased productivity going into the new year - no more days lost to hangovers! 
  • Better sleep and lower anxiety. 
  • Save money – not paying for alcohol on grocery runs or out with friends. 
  • Improved health including insulin resistance, weight, blood pressure, and cancer-related growth factors.  


  • Plan ahead before going out. Look at the menu of the bar or restaurant to make sure they have non-alcoholic (“NA”) options or BYOD (bring your own drink). 
  • When you’re out, opt for mocktails. In a pinch, club soda with a splash of juice (lime, cran, pineapple) is always accessible. It’ll even look like you have a drink in your hand, so you won’t have to explain why you aren’t drinking unless you want to. 
  • At home, herbal tea is the perfect relaxing beverage to sub in for your usual glass of wine or martini at the end of a long day. 
  • If you’re missing your favorite alcoholic bev, find the NA version. We love Athletic Brewing for NA beer, but there are lots of great options. 
  • Keep using your beautiful wine/champagne/cocktail glasses at home for your NA drinks! It feels just as festive. 
  • Opt for non-alcohol-related social activities when spending time with friends and loved ones. 
  • Find a buddy to do it with! 
  • Pay extra attention to the benefits you’re getting and focus on those when you’re feeling tempted. If you wear any health tech (like an Oura ring, Fitbit, Whoop, or Apple watch), track your improved sleep, recovery, and fitness metrics to stay motivated. 

THE WHERE – if you’re local to DC 

  • Try V+B’s Tonic Waters, which make the perfect base for a refreshing mocktail. 
  • Head over to DC Vegan Botanical Bar in Dupont Circle. 
  • Pick up DC local Derek Brown's book Mindful Mixology at Politics and Prose. 
  • Sip on a glass of NA wine, shipped from Northern Virginia’s Delmosa. 


  • Listen to a couple of our favorite podcasters discuss alcohol and its effects: 

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