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Plans That Fit Your Lifestyle

At V+B, our mission is to make it simple to eat healthy—which means we do all the work, and you get to do the things you love. So, we want to help you customize your subscription to fit your lifestyle. And know that you can always flex up or down on your plan depending on what life throws at you.  

Here’s what’s great about V+B: we have plans for everyone from those who love cooking but want to fill in some gaps with pre-made meals, up to those who want us to cover every meal almost every day of the week.  

How to build a plan for you 

  1. Choose which courses you’d like us to deliver; we offer all three: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
  2. Next, how many days per week do you want us to send you food for? We offer food that will cover 2, 4, or 6 days per week. Let’s break that down: each one of our three delivery days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) includes food for 2 days, which is what allows us to keep it fresh—it’s cooked right before it’s delivered.  
  3. Choose any permutation of those 3 courses and 2/4/6 days per week. Here’s the math on some popular choices: 
  • Smallest plan: 2 meals per week  
    • 1 course 
    • 1 delivery day; includes both meals 
    • Choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner for 2 days/week 
    • Best for: healthy lunch for those work-from-the-office days when you don’t want to leave your desk; those who love to cook but want to fill in the gaps some days 
  • Most popular plan: 8 meals per week  
    • 2 courses (for example: lunch and dinner) 
    • 2 delivery days, each with 2 days worth of food 
    • Choose lunch and dinner for 4 days/week (2 deliveries x 2 days of food in each x 2 courses = 8 meals) 
    • Best for: those who always need healthy lunch, and dinner is a combination of cooking, eating out, or ordering in; but food waste, plastic, and decision fatigue are too much. 
  • Maximum V+B life: 18 meals per week  
    • 3 courses (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
    • 3 delivery days, each with 2 days worth of food 
    • Choose breakfast, lunch, dinner for 6 days/week (3 deliveries x 2 days worth of food in each x 3 courses = 18 meals)  
    • Best for: those who need to make so many decisions at work and at home that all their food needs to be made by someone else. But make it healthy.  

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