Best of Reviews

1. Team pick for "Best shortest review"

"yum" - Jeannine


2. Team pick for "Best Laugh Out Loud"

"How do you even come up with shit like this? Beans, tomatoes, cabbage and pomegranate? Your team has an unbelievable talent. I don't think I've ever had half these ingredients before and the other half I have had, I didn't like. A chef friend once told me, "It's not that you don't like a particular food, it's just that you haven't tried it in the correct dish." And this perfectly exemplifies what he meant. Wooowee!" - Nathan


3. Team pick for "Most Rizz"

"This was the perfect portion and the dressing was delectable! Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of the texture. It was almost too creamy but the taste was on point and the portion was even more spot on - so if "creamy texture" is the best I've got? Come on. Be real. As Gen Z would say - this shit slaps! But actually, it was my first breakfast of Wednesday's delivery and was getting pretty soggy. Not sure if that's because it was packaged hot and the steam sunk in, but that's my only legitimate recommendation - kinda like trying to send chips. Even a few hours delay makes them soggy." - Nathan


4. Team pick for "Best Worst Review"

"Not a good breakfast choice." - Kaitlin  


5. Team pick for "Best 3rd week"

"This is my 3rd week with VB and this was our favorite! Looooved it!." - Beatrice

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