Valentine's Day Sweets Made Locally

Sweet Treats Made in the DMV

Setting the right romantic tone for Valentine’s Day can be challenging. If you’re one of the many people who celebrates relationships on this day–including the one with yourself–one of the questions to ask yourself is “what should I get me for Valentine’s Day?”

Well, I’ve got you covered. As a self-proclaimed amazing gift giver (especially when it comes to me) here are my top local picks:

  1. Good Company Doughnuts & Café  |  Instagram

    Donut rings > rings. A great donut is the sum of all its parts–a small flavorful cake, covered in glaze or stuffed with filling, and deep fried to perfection. A dozen of these perfectly fluffed cake rings from Good Company Doughnuts & Café is equal to the sum of your undying love.

    Donuts from Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe

  2. Harper Macaw  |  Instagram
    Harper Macaw

    Good chocolate, as any chocolate lover knows, is meant to be savored. You don't chew your chocolate–you let it melt in your mouth, experiencing each layer slowly, giving each of your senses a chance to come along for the ride. 

  3. POM Philippine Oriental Market & Deli


    As a first generation immigrant, finding a Filipino market was at the top of my mom's list when we moved to the States; there's no love like the love you have for your culture's cuisine, and our love for Filipino food and desserts stretches hundreds of miles. Take your pick: kutsinta, puto, biko, flan, or have them all. After all, love is abundant.

    BONUS: Do It Yourself - Valentine's Day Pop Tarts from The Fit Peach

    Do It Yourself Pop Tarts

    Sometimes the best way to show your affection is by creating something from scratch. This vegan, gluten-free pop tart recipe is a great way to say "I love you...and I love pop tarts, too."

    Or try the V+B recipe for our Vegan Chocolate Pecan Tart that we recently posted on on Instagram.

    A love poem, for a cherry on top:

    You muffle my senses like a dentist
    The sun in your mouth
    Wake me.

    I'd skip Netflix and just chill with you.

Ariane Valle

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