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Our customers love us

Because we are [literally] changing their lives

I have lost 10 pounds, spent less money on food, wasted less time in the kitchen, reduced my waste, and contributed less to the inhumane and toxic industrial food complex. But regardless of those great things, I wouldn't still be a customer if the food wasn't delicious, and it is SO delicious.

Michelle Loizeaux  |  Washington, DC

I've tried a lot of pre-made meal services (work is a killer sometimes), and this is by far the best, most delicious, and healthiest I've ever had...I consider this service as good as eating out on the weekdays, but about a million times more healthy, cheaper and convenient.

Rachel M  |  Washington, DC

I have been taking various measures to better control my diabetes, but it wasn't until I started eating the vegan V+B meals that my blood glucose readings became consistently perfect. And they are delicious!

Rhonda Shore  |  Bethesda, MD

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