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Your Weekly Plan Includes:

  • 6 Days of Protein-Packed Breakfast Chocolate Melk

  • 6 Days of Vegan, Gluten-Free Lunch and Dinner

  • 6 Days of Raw, Plant-Based Energy Bites

  • 6 Days of Raw, Plant-Based “Cookie Dough” Bites

  • 6 Days of Goûter Afternoon Tonic Boost

  • 1-Day Goûter Cleanse

  • $25 Gift Certificate to ClassPass

  • Cleanse “How-To” Guide


8 AM: Goûter Mexican Chocolate Melk

10 AM: Mid-Morning Snack: 1 Goûter Energy Bite

12 PM: Lunch: Vegan (and Gluten-Free) Vegetable and Butcher Meal

3 PM: Afternoon Snack: Goûter Boost Tonic and Energy Bite

6 PM: Dinner: Vegan (and Gluten-Free) V+B Meal

8 PM: Dessert: Goûter Cookie Dough Bite

SUNDAY: 1-Day Goûter Cleanse (6 Tonics + 1 Bottle 9.5 pH Alkaline Water)

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